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Transport Industry

We are providing solutions for transport industry in terms of tracking and real time vehicle information through OBD II. We are expert in dealing with GPS and GSM based tracking solutions. One of the patent based solution can be downloaded from Play Store

Marketplace Solutions

We have done many marketplace solutions in the past. We understand the buyer/seller scenario and what it takes to make a highly complex marketplace solutions. Check Cuik as an example.

It has got apps (Android and iOS), Seller Panel and an Intelligent Human Turk panel which is a unique concept making it stand apart from other peers.

Marketing Platforms

Well, we are proud with our achievements in this area. We involved into development and handling of one the largest client aquisition and retainship platform which is highly complex with multiple technologies and interfaces.

Financial Solutions

Generally financial solutions are one of the most complex projects. One cannot make mistakes at any part of the solution and it needs to cover all security aspects to keep data and information PCI compliant. We know what it takes, be it a banking portal, loan marketplace or complex accounting systems.

One of the enterprise level project we did integrated four accountings (QuickBooks Desktop/Online, Xero and Freshbooks Classic) and five payment gateways (Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, PayTrace and NMI) which was recently showcased earned us great applause from the client as it was a big success for the client to have good pre sales revenues.

Entertainment Industries

We know how to handle complex things here for the entertainment industry. Check a premium solution which created a big buzz in the industry by getting more than 30K users onboarded within the two months of the launch.

Apart from above, we are also dealing with different solutions like:

  • - Realities - Virtual/Augmented
  • - Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • - Intelligence and Automations
  • - Tours and Travel
  • - Innovative Educational Platforms
  • - Content Streaming